Hvorfor gjør tennene vondt etter børsting av AirFlow?

Air Flow is a method for professional teeth cleaning at DMDL dentist in Kristiansand using a special device and an air-water-powder mixture. This composition does an excellent job of removing dental plaque. Plaque forms on the teeth when we eat, drink tea or coffee.

Hygienic cleaning in DMDL removes soft plaque and tartar formation that can build up, also under the gums. Depending on the situation, the DMDL doctor may use a specific hardware method or combine several options. In difficult cases, when the calculus lies deep under the gums, the doctor may use curettage, which is a painful procedure performed under anesthesia. Naturally, after such an intervention, the gums will recover for some time and will be sore. If large-scale intervention was not carried out, the causes of pain may be as follows.

1. Thinning enamel.

When the body lacks minerals, or calcium is quickly washed out due to changes in the chemical composition of saliva, the enamel becomes thinner, porous. Because of this, the sensitivity of the teeth may increase. Exposure to abrasives can cause unpleasant experiences. You may need remineralization to restore the fluoride and calcium balance. A DMDL dentist can perform the procedure in the office or recommend a special paste.

2. Microcracks, initial caries.

Another cause of tooth pain is cracks in the enamel, small chips or the initial phase of caries. Remineralization, restoration with polymers and laser treatment of teeth at the DMDL clinic will also help here.

3. Inflammation of the gums.

This is one of the consequences of tartar. If there is a lot of it, the DMDL dentist will also use a mechanical method in the form of a curette. Minor injuries and soreness are possible due to manipulation of metal tools. If the gums hurt after professional teeth cleaning, you should consult a doctor – he will prescribe a rinse and other medicines that will help get rid of the pain.

With particular sensitivity in the tooth neck, toothpaste containing fluoride and herbal rinses should be used for oral care. If a complex of home hygiene procedures does not help to relieve the pain and/or it worsens, you should visit the DMDL dental clinic in Kristiansand, where specialists will choose an adequate treatment.

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