Hvem er luftstrømsrensing kontraindisert?

Teeth cleaning at the DMDL dentist in Kristiansand is a procedure that is recommended for almost all patients. It should be done approximately once every six months to get rid of dental deposits and tartar that cannot be cleaned with a regular brush at home.

This procedure already has minimal contraindications, fortunately we perform this procedure ourselves every evening and every morning. However, you should not brush your teeth too vigorously (especially with a hard brush) if you have:

1) There is inflammation in the oral cavity;

2) Exacerbation of chronic diseases;

3) Development of colds or infectious diseases.

With these contraindications, everything is simple: bacteria that actively multiply in the oral cavity during illness or inflammation, linger on the bristles of the brush and spread through the mouth, not yet affecting infected areas.

Contraindications for Air-Flow cleaning in DMDL dentistry:

1) Acute inflammatory processes in the mouth;

2) Serious chronic diseases (epilepsy, asthma, diabetes);

3) Development of infectious diseases;

4) Severe nasal congestion;

5) In case of asthma, the dust from the abrasive mixture can trigger an attack. Therefore, people suffering from this disease should perform cleaning with special care to prevent the abrasive from entering the bronchi;

6) If a strict salt-free diet is prescribed, treatment should be delayed until the end, as the abrasive mixture contains salt.

During this cleaning in the DMDL, you have to sit for a long time with your mouth open, moreover, a lot of water and saliva accumulates in the oral cavity during the procedure, which a patient with a stuffy nose or a severe cold can swallow. or suffocate.

Nevertheless, it is this type of professional teeth cleaning in DMDL dentistry that is most effective when the enamel darkens, when it is necessary to clean braces or dentures, as well as before applying fluoride varnish to protect teeth and prevent caries.

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