What should I do if part of the restored tooth broke off?

Tooth augmentation is a dental procedure that consists in restoring the lost crown part at the expense of special composite materials. It is regularly performed by DMDL dentists in Kristiansand. This manipulation is used to solve therapeutic and aesthetic problems, both in adult and pediatric dentistry. It is quite popular due to its relative speed of execution and cost-effectiveness, especially compared to more complex and invasive procedures, such as the installation of crowns or veneers in the DMDL.

One of the biggest disadvantages of restorations is their tendency to darken and lose their luster over time. Fillings, restorations made of lightweight polymer filling materials, unfortunately tend to darken gradually. If the darkening is not visible on the chewing teeth located in the depth of the oral cavity, this fact becomes evident on the incisors. Therefore, restorations require dynamic monitoring, polishing and timely replacement in DMDL dentistry.

The next thing is the risk of the restorations chipping. With restoration performed on a depulped tooth, the risk of fracture is quite high if it is destroyed by more than half. This is due to the fact that depulped teeth are in some cases more fragile compared to living teeth.

Especially often, DMDL specialists come across the glass of a previously restored tooth, when the entire tooth crown was restored. Part of the tooth may break off if the chewing load greatly exceeds the strength limit of the restored structure. Sometimes the root is broken.

It is very important to visit a DMDL dentist at least once every six months, not to forget the importance of regular professional cleaning procedures. It should be known that restored teeth require particularly thorough polishing.

If an unpleasant sensation is detected in the mouth of the restored tooth, such as a scratched edge or suspicion of chipping of the composite material, you should immediately contact the dentist for an examination.

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