Veneers are permanent structures used for the aesthetic restoration of teeth. The veneers are made as thin plates, perfectly adapted to the shade of the tooth enamel. The visible surface of the teeth is ground, and then the veneer is glued in place. It is most often the front teeth that are restored. With the help of microprostheses, the dentist is able to create a real Hollywood smile – snow-white, smooth and beautiful.

What are the indications for installing veneers?

Veneers solve aesthetic problems with teeth and enamel. This may be related to the condition of the tooth enamel, for example dark colour, streaks or stains, that one has lost small pieces of the tooth, has interdental holes or has worn down the edge of the tooth.

Does it hurt to put on veneers?

Aesthetic restoration is performed under anesthesia. Grinding the enamel is not painful, but unpleasant, and with anesthesia you do not feel this.

How long does it take to install veneers?

No more than two weeks. At the first appointment, the dentist coordinates the details of the installation and makes casts. Next time, the enamel will be polished and we will install temporary veneers. The third and final time we install the facet(s) permanently.

Can you feel the facets in your mouth?

Only the first few days. After that, the patient perceives them as his own teeth.

What are veneers made of?

Veneers are made of different materials: from glass ceramics (Empress and E-max) and zirconium dioxide (in the laboratory), as well as composite compositions (the dentist places veneers directly on the teeth).

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