Prosthetics & Dentures

A prosthesis replaces one or more missing teeth, and can replace the tooth’s lost functions in addition to taking aesthetic considerations into account. Patients can choose from a range of orthopedic products, both temporary and permanent crowns from a range of materials. A prosthesis is chosen with the specific clinical situation in mind.

What is a removable prosthesis?

The removable prosthesis makes it possible to remove the structure from the oral cavity, for example at night.

Which materials are best to use in dentures or crowns?

The most modern material is zirconium dioxide – it is strong, durable and gives a nice color to the tooth enamel. Composites are also good materials for dental crowns. A separate group of products is metal ceramics.

Is it necessary to have dentures?

Yes, as the consequences of missing teeth are critical. Even one missing tooth causes disadvantages – such as difficulty in chewing food, disturbances in the entire gums, displacement of adjacent units and problems with bite.

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