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First consultation, new patient – 499 kr
Campaign only for new patients who must have a regular annual check-up! Examination by a dentist 499 kr, including two x-rays, cleaning, free air-flow, hygiene! (does not apply to: acute appointment, chronic marginal periodontitis treatment, inflammation of the gums or patients who book an appointment only for a one-off examination with cleaning or applications to NAV) then the usual price for an examination is 849 kr.


Permanent patient, recall or Examination – 849 kr
(Annual check-up or dental check-up incl. 2 X-rays BTW and simple cleaning, incl. hygiene supplement)


Urgent examination ordered the same day – 899 kr
(Only applies to normal opening hours)

Acute root/endo treatment – 1,500 kr
(Incl. equipment, medicine insert and medium filling, plus X-ray and anaesthetic)

Simple examination under 15 minutes – 549 kr

Airflow (clean using a salt water blower) – 499 kr

Prophylaxis with fluoride – 449 kr

Hygiene supplement w/aerosol – w/aerosol – 119-249 kr

Full cleaning, removal of tartar, plastering with plaster – 950-2150 kr

Training in self-care, hygiene and preventive treatment – 349 kr

Saliva sample – 399-599 kr

Urgently after 17.00 – 08.00 every day – Supplement 50% – 75% of fee

Emergency holiday supplement – 1890 kr or double the hourly rate

Emergency supplement, during opening hours – 849 kr

Application to NAV – 499 kr

Examination for periodontitis – After reimbursement: from 570 kr


Systematic periodontitis treatment session 30 min – After reimbursement: from 1285 kr

Radiograph BW or apical radiograph of tooth – 149 kr


OPG X-ray (orthopantomogram) – 549 kr

Local and regional anesthesia per injection – From: 149-249 kr


Local anesthesia Oraquix, xylocaine spray, topical gel before injection – 149 kr

Fillings, one tooth surface composite/plastic filling – 1190-1450 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Fillings, two tooth surface composite/plastic filling – 1590-2100 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Fillings, three-four tooth surface composite/plastic filling – 1990-2400 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Temporary filling – 299 – 799 kr


Pulpanary Dycal or gluma, lonositis, baselines – 99 kr


Removal of old crowns and complicated fillings – Hourly rate


Construction of a whole tooth in composite (ex. technique) – 3700 – 4000 kr

Root filling, a root canal – From: 4490 kr


Root filling, two root canals – From: 5490 kr


Root filling, three – four root canals – From: 6490 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)

X-rays and equipment are added

Tooth extraction/extraction, uncomplicated incisor, canine, premolar – 1499 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Tooth extraction/extraction of molars, uncomplicated – 1699 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Tooth extraction/extraction, uncomplicated by wisdom teeth – 1990 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)


Tooth extraction v/ surgery of wisdom teeth or complicated teeth, reimbursement, deductible
– 3490-4490 kr

(X-rays/anaesthesia etc. are additional)

Follow-up after surgery after uncomplicated traction – 449 kr

(Including removal of stitches)


Follow-up after surgical intervention after complicated traction – After refund: 550 kr

(Including removal of stitches)


Surgical dressing/disposable equipment for surgical intervention – 499 kr


Apicectomy of root (root amputation in case of inflammation) – 3490 kr


Apicectomy of root molar – 4490 kr


Supplement for root filling in case of apicectomy, per canal – From: 1090 kr


Implant treatment 1 tooth incl. crown X-ray/anaesthesia etc. are additional – From: 23 000 kr

Bleaching splint (for jaws incl. 1 bleaching agent) – Order price 3790 kr, Campaign: 1990 kr


Bleach 1 ampoule – 249 kr


Bite splint/examination/follow-up check – Without refund: 4490 kr


Bite splint/examination/follow-up in case of TMJ symptoms – Without refund: 2490 kr

Fulzirconium crown – From: 6890 kr


Imax full ceramic crown – From: 6899 kr


Pin structure fiberglass: 1290 – 2190 kr


Pin number two in the same tooth – 699 kr


Shell facet made of composite – From: 1990 kr

Prescription/patient photo – 49 kr


Administration – 299 – 599 kr

(Prescription, sending of X-rays, medical records, referral)


Hourly rate Dentist – 1899 kr

Appointments are binding and must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the appointment to avoid cancellation fees from NOK 599. Invoicing fee is additional.

If you wish to cancel or change an appointment, you must do so at least 24 hours (weekdays only) before the agreed time to avoid a fee. If your class is on a Monday, you must cancel or change the class no later than the Friday before.

Partial prosthesis (Partial) – From: 16 000 kr


Complete prosthesis – From: 16 000 kr



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