How to fix and remove the splint prosthesis, and what does it consist of?

A person should not forget that the specialists do not only install braces at the DMDL dentist in Kristiansand.

In general, the splint consists of the following main elements.

Bow or buckle.

This is part of the bygel prosthesis, which combines all elements into a single whole. Usually, arches connect the saddles from different sides of the jaw.

Remember: the arches should not touch the mucous membrane of the mouth. If they press on the mucous membrane, it means that the structure is installed incorrectly.

Saddle or Base.

This is the part of the prosthesis that is in contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, on which the teeth sit. Inside the base is a molded mesh, and the base itself is made of high-tech plastic.

Special elements that help keep the structure in the mouth. It is usually attached with staples. In addition, they help distribute the load during chewing.

Remember: currently braces are made of a cobalt-chromium alloy. The frame has been cast.

Also, DMDL specialists do not recommend removing it for the first 1-2 weeks. You can remove it only after getting used to it, i.e. at the moment when a person stops noticing a foreign body in the mouth.

Fixation of the brace prosthesis.

Specialists at the DMDL clinic distinguish between several types of fasteners that fix the splint prosthesis in the mouth.

1. Cut. These are special metal hooks. They extend from the frame and cover the supporting teeth. Remember: such retainers are rarely used, because when you open your mouth, they are clearly visible. But they are the cheapest.

2. Attachment locks. They include 2 main elements. One element is embedded in a metal frame, and the other – in an artificial crown that covers the abutment tooth. When combining the elements, the lock is attached.

Such locks are most often used in buckle designs, because they are not noticeable in the mouth.

1. Telescopic crowns. They also consist of two elements.

2. Hollow crowns connected to the frame.

metal caps that cover the turned support tooth.

When you put on the design, the cap falls inside the crown. Such prostheses are difficult to make, so they are very expensive. They are used very rarely, so it is cheaper to install a regular implant in DMDL dentistry.

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