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Dental treatment in Kristiansand

DMDL Dentist – quality dental care for you!

DMDL is a new dental clinic that performs all types of dental treatment, including implants and complicated surgery.

DMDL is a new dental clinic that performs all types of dental treatment, including implants and complicated surgery. We also receive patients in the evenings as we are an emergency dental clinic.

Our dental treatment in Kristiansand is equipped with the latest technology.

An appointment with a dentist takes place with the greatest possible comfort for the patient, and the price of services will pleasantly surprise you.

Dentist Dmitrij Chaustovic    &  assistent Noori Malik

Dental check + teeth cleaning

499 kr

Offer for new patients who will receive an annual check-up.

Dental examination 499 kr, including two x-rays, teeth cleaning, cleaning with air-flow hygiene.
Does not apply to: urgent appointment, treatment of chronic periodontitis, inflammation of the gums and patients, referral to NAV) in this case there will be usual price of the examination.
Regular price: 2296 kr.


1990 kr

Bleaching splint
(for jaws incl. 1 bleaching agent)
Order price 3790 kr

Crowns or bridges

7000 kr

All inclusive!
This is the total cost of the visit, including:
• Consultation with a dentist
• Preparation of a treatment plan
• Teeth grinding
• Takes an impression or scan
• Crown production
• Crown assembly. Norwegian quality/Made in Norway.

Regular price: 10,000 kr. save 3,000 kr

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We do regular and deep cleanings and strive for the result

The latest dentistry with the latest dental devices and quality materials

We have successful experience of working with the most difficult cases

Guaranteed quality and safe experience.

Surgical dentistry includes all types of surgical treatment of soft and hard tissue in the oral cavity.

Various conditions can make surgical interventions necessary. There may be a need to operate on wisdom teeth if the tooth is not available or to prepare the jawbone before installing a dental implant.

On the day of treatment, it is advised to eat before arriving, as it is not possible to either eat or drink until at least three hours have passed after the operation.

Painkillers are given before we start with a generous dose of local anaesthetic.

Latest articles

If the patient is diagnosed with pulpits/tooth root inflammation or periodontitis, the dentist can treat the tooth with root canal filling

Treatment is done painlessly under anesthesia, and the shape and function of the tooth is restored

Helfo is the Directorate of Health’s external agency and provides benefits from the National Insurance for necessary expenses from health services in the event of, among other things, illness and injury. You may be entitled to reimbursement for your dental expenses from Helfo due to gum disease (periodontitis).

We offer partial payment via Svea Finans.

We are a member of the Dentist Dental Association, a professional and trade union for the country’s dentists.

Reviews from patients

Dmytro is a very qualified, calm and safe dentist. Absolutely can be recommended. They called late on Saturday evening. I got an appointment with the dentist in the morning of the next day.Erik. S Covard.

Very smart and efficient. Quick appointment. – Nicolai Bjerke Dybdahl.

Can definitely recommend! Smart and accommodating, thank you for your good attitude. – Mikael Skaarland.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our goal is for you to be healthy and pain-free, not just for the next examination, but for the rest of your life.
We do everything to ensure that your treatment is safe and comfortable – even if you have a fear of the dentist.
With us, you get quick follow-up and emergency dental care.

Online chat with us

Monday-Friday 08.00 – 16.00

Saturday-Sunday 10.00-13.00

saturday/sunday time må avtales time på forhånd


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