Dental fear

Many people experience fear of going to the dentist. Uncomfortable equipment, uncomfortable and lengthy procedures – all of this can lead to bad experiences for patients. Most cope with some discomfort fine, but some develop true odontophobia, a panic fear of dentists. Our Moderne clinic offers adapted techniques where patients are helped to cope with their fear of dental treatment.

Our dentists have the best psychological communication methods and find a common language with each patient. Often, a well-suited treatment is enough to forget the fear of the dentist forever. In our dental practice, we do everything to ensure that patients feel safe and cared for.

Why is it necessary to fight dental fear?

Without treatment, the teeth are destroyed. Caries turns into tooth root inflammation (pulpitis), inflammation of the gums develops into periodontitis. As a result, the teeth must be removed and replaced with dentures. Correct prevention and high-quality treatment will help maintain oral health for a long time. But for this it is necessary to visit the dentist at least once a year.

How to deal with dental phobia?

There are two ways – drug treatment and psychotherapy. The use of sedative drugs will relieve panic and anxiety. Therapy can help overcome the fear “from within”. Our experienced dentist at the clinic will help to cope with fear of the dentist, but in particularly serious cases the help of a psychologist may be necessary.

Are fear and phobia the same?

No, fear is a controlled state, and a phobia is pathological, when the patient cannot adequately experience what is happening and react to it normally.

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