Urgent dental care!

What is the most common conditions that require urgent dental care?

Inflammation (pulpitis), periodontitis, dislocation or fracture of the tooth, acute inflammatory processes and other serious ailments. The dentist examines the oral cavity, diagnoses and immediately begins treatment. The clinic’s task is to help the patient and relieve pain and discomfort. Dentist in Kristiansand , our clinic will help you solve your dental problems quickly and efficiently.

In which areas is emergency help provided?

Our dentists treat acute pain conditions caused by injuries, purulent inflammations or damage to structures installed on patients’ teeth (for example, veneers or crowns).

How do I get an appointment for emergency help?

During the clinic’s opening hours, it is possible to make an appointment for emergency dental care, without an appointment and long waiting times.

Is it possible to take painkillers and not go to the dentist?

It is not recommended. The pain will subside, but the problem will not go away. Without proper treatment, the situation can worsen and further complications can occur – in the worst case, tooth loss, purulent abscesses and sepsis/blood poisoning. We therefore recommend that you do not delay and contact Tannlege in Kristiansand as soon as possible.

How quickly should I see a dentist for acute pain?

Acute dental pain should be treated immediately, preferably within a couple of hours of the onset of pain.



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Call in advance to make an appointment

If you experience toothache outside opening hours that needs immediate treatment, we are here to help you!

Call us on our emergency number:
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Day and time of visit 

Appointment of the visit

After you have called us, you will be scheduled to see a doctor on the same day.


Diagnosis and pain relief

We take away the pain

During your visit, the doctor examines you and takes actions aimed at neutralizing pain.
To neutralize the existing pain, the doctor needs an average of 30-40 minutes.



Treatment plan

You are provided with a Treatment Plan for further treatment and your next visit date and time.