We use different types of anesthesia, ranging from gel to local anesthesia or full anesthesia depending on the need. We use gel to relieve pain from injection.

Anesthesia means that the dentist can carry out all treatments painlessly for the patient. The anesthetic blocks the sensitivity in a certain area of the oral cavity, so that it becomes possible to carry out dental treatment without discomfort for the patient.

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I am allergic to many substances – what about anesthesia?

In our dental practice, we use state-of-the-art and safe anesthetics. We assess the patient’s state of health and any medical considerations, and choose an anesthetic or a combination of these based on such an overall assessment, where the patient’s safety always comes first.

How quickly does anesthesia work in dentistry?

Local anesthetics take effect within 5–10 minutes. After that, the dentist can start the treatment.

How long does “numbness” last after anesthesia?

On average, the anesthesia lasts 30–60 minutes. The duration depends on the type and dose of anesthetic.

Does anesthesia cause side effects?

Modern anesthetics are very safe and have few side effects. Reactions are extremely rare.

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