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DMDL Tannlege offers dental treatments such as:

Anesthesia, Veneers, Filling, Icing, Surgery, Crown, Patient examination, Prosthetics & Dentures, Clean, Root canal filling, Teeth whitening, Gingivitis, Dental fear.

In the DMDL dental clinic in Kristiansand you will find a cozy comfortable environment, a friendly atmosphere, innovative methods for pain-free and, most importantly, high-quality service with a guarantee. The professional dental center “DMDL” is waiting for its clients and recommends not to postpone the visit in case of problems, even in the first phase. Then the treatment becomes much faster, easier and cheaper.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the direction of pediatric dentistry. Profile dentists who specialize in the provision of dental health services for the treatment of milk teeth for the smallest patients and teeth that have not yet formed, have fully specific knowledge and methods, use only materials and treatment regimens recommended for a specific age.

Even with a cursory glance, you can understand that the price policy of a clinic that offers high-level dental services using advanced treatment methods is quite democratic. Price for our services here.


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